Sri Lanka is not good in November because…

29 °C / 29 °C (Nov. avg. temp.)

Low season

  Weather:It is plagued with rain

The weather in Sri Lanka still isn’t ideal in November with much of the country still being plagued with rain .

   What to do:As with October, November is also worst month to travel

  • As with October, November is one of the worst months of the year to explore Sri Lanka. However, there is a chance that you will see patches of sunshine along the South and West coasts. It is a good idea to head somewhere that has a beach but also other options in case the weather is bad – such as Galle.
  • Overall, I would highly advise you not to travel to Sri Lanka to November. You won’t be able to make the most of everything it has to offer and there’s a chance you will spend the majority of your time wet.

   Where to go:Stick to Cities in the West

Galle, Colombo and Negombo.

   Where to avoid?Sri Lanka as a whole

It is better to avoid travelling to Sri Lanka in November.

   Wildlife:Head over to Bundala or Uda Walawe

Despite the bad weather, there are still some wildlife spotting opportunities in Sri Lanka. Head over to Bundala or Uda Walawe, which will be excellent in November.

   Hiking:Poor conditions for hiking

All main sites in Sri Lanka are hit by rain and best avoided (cold, rainy and windy; horrible hiking conditions).

   Festivals & Events:Full Moon Poya

Full Moon Poya
Full Moon Poya normally falls at the beginning of November. It commemorates the passing away of one of Buddha’s chief disciples. On this day, Buddhists visit temples and offer flowers. There are also a number of processions and rituals that take place throughout the day.

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Joanna, world traveller and Sri Lanka specialist

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Stick to Cities in the West